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CFISD | Federal Report Cards (2019 – 2020)

Federal Report Cards for the state, the district, and each of the district’s campuses are now available on the district’s website at this link:

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Information on these report cards includes:

  • Part I: General Description of the Texas State Accountability System
  • Part II: Student Achievement by Proficiency Level
  • Part III: Academic Growth and Graduation Rate
  • Part IV: English Language Proficiency
  • Part V: School Quality or Student Success
  • Part VI: Goal Meeting Status
  • Part VII: STAAR Participation
  • Part VIII: Civil Rights Data
  • Part IX: Teacher Quality Data
  • Part X: Per-pupil Expenditure
  • Part XI: STAAR Alternate 2 Participation
  • Part XII: Statewide National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP)
  • Part XIII: Cohort Rate of Graduates Enrolled in Postsecondary Education
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Out of the 86 CFISD campuses that received ratings, 32 earned an A, 44 earned a B, nine earned a C and one earned a D. ⁠

Elementary schools⁠: Middle schools: ⁠ High schools⁠:
  • Adam—80 (B)
  • Andre—82 (B)
  • Ault—86 (B)⁠
  • Bane—69 (D)
  • Bang—88 (B)
  • Birkes—93 (A)⁠
  • Black—93 (A)
  • Copeland—92 (A)
  • Danish—90 (A)⁠
  • Duryea—82 (B)
  • Emery—80 (B)
  • Emmott—75 (C)⁠
  • Farney—92 (A)
  • Fiest—83 (B)
  • Francone—72 (C)⁠
  • Frazier—78 (C)
  • Gleason—81 (B)
  • Hairgrove—92 (A)⁠
  • Hamilton—91 (A)
  • Hancock—83 (B)
  • Hemmenway—78 (C)⁠
  • Holbrook—89 (B)
  • Holmsley—80 (B)
  • Hoover—81 (B)⁠
  • Horne—81 (B)
  • Jowell—81(B)
  • Keith—91 (A)⁠
  • Kirk—80 (B)
  • Lamkin—85 (B)
  • Lee—88 (B)⁠
  • Lieder—82 (B)
  • Lowery—83 (B)
  • Matzke—76 (C)⁠
  • McFee—85 (B)
  • Metcalf—81 (B)
  • Millsap—85 (B)⁠
  • Moore—91 (A)
  • Owens—78 (C)
  • Pope—97 (A)⁠
  • Post—84 (B) P
  • ostma—90 (A)
  • Reed—82 (B)⁠
  • Rennell—91 (A)
  • M. Robinson—79 (C)
  • A. Robison—90 (A)⁠
  • Sampson—97 (A)
  • Sheridan—78 (C)
  • Swenke—95 (A)⁠
  • Tipps—85 (B)
  • Walker—81 (B)
  • Warner—95 (A)⁠
  • Wells—93 (A)
  • Willbern—86 (B)
  • Wilson—78 (C)⁠
  • Woodard—90 (A)
  • Yeager—81 (B) ⁠ ⁠
  • Anthony—87 (B)
  • Aragon—91 (A)
  • Arnold—90 (A)⁠
  • Bleyl—97 (A)
  • Campbell—83 (B)
  • Cook—93 (A)⁠
  • Dean—83 (B)
  • Goodson—93 (A)
  • Hamilton—95 (A)⁠
  • Hopper—82 (B)
  • Kahla—84 (B)
  • Labay—90 (A)⁠
  • Salyards—92 (A)
  • Smith—96 (A)
  • Spillane—95 (A)⁠
  • Thornton—82 (B)
  • Truitt—87 (B)
  • Watkins—83 (B)⁠ ⁠
  • Bridgeland—95 (A)
  • Cy-Fair—90 (A)
  • Cypress Creek—89 (B)⁠
  • Cypress Falls—87 (B)
  • Cypress Lakes—86 (B) ⁠
  • Cypress Park—86 (B)
  • Cypress Ranch—93 (A)⁠
  • Cypress Ridge—88 (B)
  • Cypress Springs—83 (B)⁠
  • Cypress Woods—94 (A)
  • Jersey Village—86 (B)⁠
  • Langham Creek—90 (A)

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CFISD – Back to School Expo 8/10/2019 @ The Berry Center

CFISD – Back to School Expo – in its seventh edition, the annual CFISD Back-to-School Expo is scheduled for Saturday, Aug. 10 from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the Berry Center (8877 Barker Cypress Road). The Expo provides a number of helpful resources to incoming students, parents and prospective employees, allowing for a smooth transition into the school district. (note no -Pre-K registration at the expo)⁠

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CFISD Attendance Boundaries 2019 – 2020

After having no attendance boundary changes in the 2018-19 school year, the Cy-Fair ISD board of trustees voted Feb. 11 to approve changes that will affect more than 700 students in 2019-20.

The changes—which affect seven elementary schools and two middle schools—are intended to rezone students from several over-capacity schools to campuses that are underutilized, officials said at a Jan. 14 board work session.

Post Elementary School, which was built to accommodate 1,092 students but had about 1,127 students living in its boundaries in the fall semester, will move students to Lee and Gleason elementary schools—both of which are under capacity with about 815 and 857 students, respectively.

About 252 students living in the Blackhorse Ranch and Stone Ridge neighborhoods will move from Warner Elementary School to Pope Elementary School.

Truitt Middle School will take about 226 students from Dean Middle School to balance out enrollment numbers at both schools.

The district tallies each school’s enrollment on the last Friday of every October. CFISD Director of General Administration Kristi Giron said officials compare that number to projections from Population and Survey Analysts demographers and to enrollment snapshots from previous years.

“We look at every single school to see if they are growing or declining in enrollment,” she said. “Using these numbers, we then look at building capacities, and with the help of PASA we check on future growth in the area.”

Throughout the planning process, officials considered several factors including enrollment projections, school capacities, the campus feeder system, geographical proximity of students to schools, community input and keeping changes minimal, Giron said.

“We don’t like to move students just to move them,” Giron said.

Reprint from Community Impact Cy-Fair

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and The School Year Begins

Where does the time go?  All at once it seems I am the mother of 2 young ladies in middle school and a boisterous lad in second grade!

I am very pleased that my family lives in the master-planned community of Bridgeland in Cypress, Texas, where we have an amazing school district.

If you are looking to make that all important move, always consider the school district and the attendance zone.  Keep in mind if you are moving to a subdivision with lots of new construction, new schools or attendance zone changes are inevitable.  If you are past the age where schools seem unimportant in your decision making; remember good schools improve a home’s resale value.

CFISD information is available online at – on Facebook at  or on Twitter at or Instagram at and finally there is an app you can download to your phone from the app store.

CFISD Facts and Stats:

  • 117,758* = student enrollment on Sept. 17, 2018
  • 17,155 = new students over the last 10 years
  • 5,365 = projected student enrollment increase in the next five year
  • 91 campuses (56 elementary schools, 18 middle schools, 12 high schools, 5 special program facilities)
  • 42 new schools built since 2000 (26 elementary schools, 8 middle schools, 6 high schools, 2 special program facilities)
  • 23rd largest district in the nation ( 2018)
  • 3rd largest district in Texas
  • 2nd largest district in Region 4
  • 49 campuses at least 20 years old
  • 16,231 first-time students in 2017-2018 (8,205 in grades 1-12; 8,026 in kindergarten, pre-kindergarten & early education)

You can download the complete State of the District Fact Sheet at



CFISD - Keeps on Growing

Major construction projects underway within Cy-Fair ISD

 Cy-Fair ISD makes preparations to open 5 schools in 2 years

In response to the growth and new development in Northwest Harris County communities like Cypress, Cy-Fair ISD has embarked upon an aggressive expansion plan. This article from the Community Impact | Cy-Fair provides an insight into the projects underway and planned. September 16, 2015

Construction is underway on two multischool sites, several new facilities and updates to older campuses as Cy-Fair ISD works to keep up with student growth.

“Because of the economic downturn in 2008, there were a lot of construction projects planned several years ago that had to be delayed,” Superintendent Mark Henry said. “We’re in the process of catching up. On the other hand, over the next five years we’re expecting around 9,000 or 10,000 new students, so we’re dealing with growth that occurred over the last seven years and growth that will occur over the next five years.”

Construction projects

CFISD was the fifth-fastest-growing school district in Texas during the 2014-15 school year, adding nearly 1,600 new students, according to a study by demographic firm Population Survey Analysts.

“The district is growing rapidly, and we’re pushing 115,000 students this year,” said Dillon Brady, CFISD assistant superintendent for facilities and construction. “Between now and 2017 we’re opening two high schools, two elementary schools and replacing an elementary school. We’re trying to stay in front of our needs.”

Construction is nearly 50 percent complete on Cypress Park High School, which is part of a 175-acre property at FM 529 and Westgreen Boulevard. The site will also house a middle school, expected to open by 2019, and an elementary school, which will open by 2020.

There are numerous advantages to building a multi-school site—or educational village—ranging from cost savings to shared roadways and providing a sense of community for the students, Brady said.

“It’s an advantage for students and families in that your child can start kindergarten at that site and go all the way through 12th grade,” Henry said. “We think there are advantages with bus routes and transportation costs, and we have a centralized kitchen so it’s easier to deliver meals to those campuses. There are a lot of cost savings.”

The multi-school site in Bridgeland is located between the Grand Parkway and future Mason Road, south of the future Bridgeland Creek Parkway. Construction began in late August on High School No. 12, which will be 570,000 square feet and four stories tall.

Construction is also underway on an adjacent 120,000-square-foot elementary school that will open for the 2017-18 school year. A middle school is planned for the site as well but has not been included in a bond.

The new campuses were designed with flexible spaces in mind, giving teachers the ability to create a unique culture of learning, Brady said.

“The way that High School No. 12 is placed and oriented allows for indoor and outdoor learning activities in a safe learning environment,” he said. “Inside you’ll see more glass, learning walls and activities built into the facility.”

read the complete article at CI-CyFair


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The Many Faces of Going Back to School

The first day of school is one of anticipation and excitement.  I found this poem that pretty well sums up how many parents feel each day as we send them off to school…
Roots & Wings
It has been said that the two most important things we can offer our children are roots to grow and wings to fly.
Roots & Wings

If I could give you many things, I’d give you gold and silver rings Of knowledge that I’ve gained with years The gift of smiling through the tears Confidence, courage, determination, Laughter and spirit and love of creation, Wrapped up in a box with a bow, I’d give To you these gifts to keep for as long as you live.

“If I could give you just two things, One would be Roots, the other, Wings.” Roots, not to tie you to the ground, But to guide you to where your fulfillment is found The nourishing start, the firm foundation, The source of your inner determination. Wings to soar over obstacles, wings to fly free, Wings to glide to the heights of the best you can be. And when obstacles loom, from your Roots grows a hand Providing a strong, sturdy, safe place to land. I’d choose these two things for the gifts that are best, For with Roots and with Wings, you’ll find all the rest!

Hope you and your children have a great school year!

cfisd 75th

CFISD 75th Anniversary Festival

The Cypress-Fairbanks ISD 75th Anniversary Festival was held April 25 at the Berry Center, celebrating 75 years of districtwide excellence. The event included a carnival, multiple vendor booths and food trucks, student parades and performances and a fireworks display to close out the evening. What a great event to celebrate CFISD and 75 years of excellence… it was quite a day!



The Cypress-Fairbanks Independent School District (CFISD, often referred to as Cy-Fair) is an independent school district in northwest unincorporated Harris County, Texas, United States. Cy-Fair ISD is the largest Recognised school district in the state of Texas with 75 out of 78 campuses receiving an ‘Exemplary’ or ‘Recognized’ rating by the Texas Education Agency in 2010.

The district covers a small portion of Houston (including the Fairbanks section), the city of Jersey Village, and other unincorporated areas in Harris County (including Cypress). The district covers 188 square miles (490 km2) of land.

Cypress-Fairbanks ISD is part of the taxation base for Lone Star College System (formerly North Harris Montgomery Community College District).

As of August 2014, the district had 86 general-purpose campuses (fifty-three elementary schools, 18 middle schools, eleven high schools, and four special program facilities).

courtesy of the Wikipedia.